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Renewable Energy for the Home.

Renewable Energy

Householders can protect themselves against energy price hikes by introducing simple energy efficient measures into the home, which in turn will help reduce household fuel bills. Increasingly, consumers are looking to renewable technologies to help them save money on bills and help the environment. Plumco specialise in three specific areas of renewable heating technology Solar Water Heaters, Ground Source Heat Pumps & Air Source Heat Pumps. These systems are all suitable for use in the home if you require any further information please contact us.

Solar Water Heaters
Solar Water Heaters
Solar panels can be used for hot water heating which allow the consumer to take advantage of renewable and sustainable energy.

Solar panels harness the power in both direct and diffused sunlight and convert the energy to heat for the production of hot water for the home.

The majority of solar panels have been designed as a complement to existing heating systems which use a store of hot water in a cylinder. The existing cylinder is exchanged for a cylinder with two heat exchanger coils; one from the boiler in the property and a second from the solar panels.

Solar panels are perfect partners to modern condensing regular and system boilers which require a separate cylinder for the storage of hot water. When used together, a high efficiency boiler and solar system provide a highly efficient system to give heating and hot water comfort.

A typical well sized solar system should provide around 50-70% of the domestic hot water requirements of a home, representing a very worthwhile saving on hot water heating costs. The remaining hot water requirement is provided by the boiler.
Renewable Energy
Solar Renewable Energy
Plumco are specialists in renewable energy technologies available for use in the home.
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