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Cylinders are used to store domestic hot water and come in 3 main types:

  • Direct Cylinders heat water using an internal heat source. For a Direct cylinder, there are no external. A direct cylinder is usually integrated with an electrical immersion heater

  • Indirect Cylinders heat water using an internal coil. The heat source will be remote, in most cases, this will be a boiler fed heating system but can also include a top immersion heater

  • Solar Cylinders have two internal coils. The lower coil is heated by the solar thermal system and in most cases, the upper coil is heated by a boiler.

Vented & Unvented Cylinders

If you have a system or open vented boiler fed system, you will need to make sure that you are choosing the right cylinder to suit your home, be sure to give us a call or come into one of our branches and we will be happy to help

  • Vented Cylinders work with a domestic cold water header tank and are predominately copper cylinders. They are used in an open vented hot water system.

  • Unvented Cylinders are typically made from strong duplex steel and are designed for use within a sealed domestic hot water system, they use either a built-in or an attachable expansion vessel to deal with pressurised heated water.

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