For heating contractors, the ability to visualise potential problem areas can make a huge difference in the speed of diagnosing day to day jobs. Knowing precisely where to start with a job, can save time and effort, meaning you increase efficiency, and ultimately provide faster service to customers. In addition, the use of a thermal imaging camera can enable you to offer additional services. Thermal imaging cameras are now more affordable than ever with strong performing models available for under £1,000, making them a more accessible diagnostic tool.


Underfloor heating is becoming an increasingly popular solution for providing reliable, consistent heat. But how can you ascertain if an existing underfloor heating system is operating efficiently or verify that a new system has been installed correctly? A thermal imager instantly visualises the condition of the underfloor heating system. It provides a visual indication of the surface temperature of the floor, which is also indicative of the heating system’s performance.

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Thermal Imaging for Effective Diagnosis of Faults in Underfloor Heating Systems

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Tracing layout and testing function of underfloor heating

A thermal imager can be used to assess temperatures across the heating coils and to highlight any temperature variation across the floor. From the images it is evident that the underfloor heating system is not functioning efficiently. We can clearly see exactly where it is and isn’t working. This is shown via the temperature distribution in the thermal image.

Inspection of the supply and return manifold

A thermal imager can also be used to give a visual indication of what is happening at the supply and return manifold. Large variations in return temperatures indicate that there could be a problem with the system.

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Measurement object           Temp °C

Measure point 1                   30.5

Measure point 2                   40.2

Measure point 3                   22.2