Underfloor Heating

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Underfloor heating has become more popular than ever in recent years, mostly due to the availability to everyday consumers but also the advantages that come along with replacing your radiators with Underfloor heating such as:

  • Freeing up wall and floor space

  • Separate controls for every room add comfort and cut costs

  • No hotspots or cold draughts that commonly come with radiators

  • The heat comes evenly through the floor to heat the entire room as apposed to radiators which heat up the immediate area around itself but also lose a lot of the heat as it travels up to the ceiling.

  • Less energy consumption helps cut costs and also carbon emissions

  • Virtually maintenance-free

At Plumco we supply top of the range underfloor heating technology both wet and electric that is suitable for both new builds and retrofitting in spaces beneath existing floors.

As mentioned above we can also supply electrical underfloor heating that includes a heating mat system where the pipes are pre-laid out on a roll of mesh to allow the matting to be easily rolled onto the floor.

The advantage of Electrical Underfloor Heating comes from the lack of moving and mechanical parts and it is very low maintenance.


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For heating contractors, the ability to
visualise potential problem areas can
make a huge difference in the speed of
diagnosing day to day jobs. Knowing
precisely where to start with a job, can
save time and effort, meaning you
increase efficiency, and ultimately
provide faster service to customers.

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